Thursday, August 25, 2011

A quilter's work is never done ....

I finished these wallhangings a few weeks ago, just haven't gotten around to posting them here until now.  This first one is called "4 trees" (duh) ... it's literally just 4 versions of the same tree.  Each background is different with waves quilted in the background in variegated thread.  It's 14½ x 49".

This one  is 27½ x 39½" and is called "Blessings".
The characters top to bottom, left to right are:
row 1: wealth, luck, peace & harmony
row 2: courage, longevity
row 3: love, long life
row 4: happiness, beautiful, virtue
in Chinese calligraphy.  Chinese belief is that by hanging these characters or representations of them near your front door will invite or encourage these things into your home and life. 

Both of these quilts are, of course, hand appliqued and hand quilted.  Now I'm quilting a batik double wedding ring with a floral appliqued batik border, a wallhanging made up of a bunch of various sized circles in greens, blues, and browns, and some Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews.

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  1. Love your BLESSING quilt-- did you draw the symbols yourself? Beautiful