Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Give and Take ...

I've been working on this since last August.  I had been thinking about it for a while, had the picture in my head, then finally started cutting out the pieces for the many, many blocks.  It's based on the traditional pattern of Rob Peter to Pay Paul, so I named it "Give and Take".  It's 69" x 86".

I used 6½" unfinished blocks, hand appliqued the curved side pieces to each one, then machine pieced the blocks together.  Besides circles, feathers are also a favourite of mine, in applique or in quilting, so I designed a feathered centre.  Then I put a pieced border around it with a vine at opposite corners and blue & green leaves.  

I love the look of scrap quilts, but my mind doesn't let me do truly scrappy.  This is why I never do multicolour scrappy quilts, it drives my mind crazy.  But 2 colour scrappy, I can do.  I try very hard to just let the pieces fall where they may, but that doesn't sit well either.  Once I lay out the blocks there's a lot of moving around so that same or similar colours or prints aren't too close, or not all lights or darks in one area, etc.

In the background of the centre I had quilted circles of various sizes.  Then in the blue and green blocks I quilted a spiraling pattern in all of them.  The light blocks are all different designs, depending on what was nearby or how the actual fabric in that block looked.  Some of them told me what should go in that block, others I had to think of something.

I quite like all the variations in quilting in the light blocks.  I also varied the thread I used.  Some have blue variegated and others have green variegated.


 In the borders I quilted random curlicues, all over the place.  The vine is on opposite corners and goes partway up each side.