Monday, July 13, 2020


My pleated face masks have been selling pretty well, which is great, although I have had some reports that the ones made with the black elastic don't seem to work out as well as the ones with the white elastic.  They're the same kind of elastic, just a couple of millimetres thick, but somehow the white ones are more stretchy and fit better.  So to anyone who has bought the ones with the black elastic and they have snapped or not fit well, I do hope you will let me know so I can replace them.   Also, not ALL of the black elastic ones are bad, it's just that they seem to snap off if really yanked on to stretch across a larger face.

I had heard that one didn't fit well, so I replaced it, then I messaged a few people about theirs only to find out that they hadn't worked out but they hadn't bothered to let me know.  I have had a few people say so, which is great, because I most definitely don't want word getting out there that I make inferior products.  I stand behind everything I make, and if it isn't right, I'll make it right.   I don't know there's a problem unless I'm told, so please do speak up!  

For the past couple of weeks I've switched gears and started making the shaped masks instead of the pleated ones and using a 1/4" wide elastic and these are selling like hotcakes.  They're also really easy to make once I figured out a well fitting pattern.  I've also adjusted it to fit larger or smaller faces, and for children.  The elastics and the mask itself are quite comfortable (as comfortable as one can be, I guess).  The pleated ones are more suited for smaller faces, or teens, so they're not out of the picture, but they're not great for men or people with larger faces.  

In the past 2 days I've banged out over 60 masks! I did the ones in the first picture yesterday, then moved into blues and greens today.

Here's a sample of what I have on hand now.  My personal favourite is still the blue skulls (and besides the Nova Scotia tartan, they are my next best seller!), but now I've got other blues, some lips, some that are clearly for women, others that are more "manly".  I haven't gotten much into the browns, oranges and yellows yet, I think tomorrow might be the day for them.  I have a ton more fabric I can and will use to add to the varieties available.

I also have some Toronto Blue Jays and NHL Original Six fabric ordered and on the way.  Ideally people will start ordering specific colours, so I don't have to have a ton on hand, I can just make them per order, but for now this works fine.  And yep, there I am modelling it for you.  I don't think I'll ever get used to them, but for now they're part of the "new normal".