Canucks & NHL Quilts

I have been an avid fan of the Vancouver Canucks for years.  In 2008 I decided to make a Canucks quilt to hang in my living room.  Since then I have been gradually getting a few more autographs on it ... the current total is 102, including players, coaches, alumni, and management.  

The quilt itself is 60" x 60".  The background is made of various white on white squares.  I made the patterns for the logos myself, then hand constructed them and hand appliqued them.  Of course the quilt is also hand quilted.


Once this quilt was finished I decided to make an NHL quilt to represent the entire league.  Yes, I'm very passionate about my hockey.  I printed off each logo to an 8x10" page, then using a process I created myself called "Repliqué" I hand made each one.  Then I made a background to look like the NHL logo itself and appliqued all the team logos to it, arranged in order that they joined the league with the original 6 at the top and then on down from there.  It actually is a coincidence that my Canucks landed right in the middle.  I quilted the background with Orcas. 

The quilt is called "Hockey Night in Canada (insert music here)" and measures about 50" x 56", it hangs on my office wall.  A few years after it was finished, the Atlanta Thrashers became the Winnipeg Jets, so there is an addendum at the bottom of the quilt next to the team they replaced, as well as the one for the Vegas Golden Knights.  Here are the logos with their respective printouts to show the accuracy of each one, with the finished product below.

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