Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving right along

Got another pattern drafted up, just have to fine-tune and make sure all my fabric amounts are right and it'll be finished. This one is a table runner.

I finished appliqueing and piecing the top of the Emergence variation, I'll probably mark it for quilting this weekend sometime. Almost done quilting the body of the Peter & Paul, then it's border time and it'll be finished. Haven't finished quilting the 30 degrees yet, but that'll only take an evening to complete likely.

I had sent an email to the Canucks organization telling them about the Canucks quilt I had made last year, in hopes that they would want to see it, asked for an email address I could attach a picture to for them. And yes, I got permission from them to use their logos on the quilt right from the start.
Got a reply back the other day and they said they'd love to see the quilt, so I sent a picture of it along with closeups of each logo. I don't expect to, but do hope to get a reply with comments from them about it. It would be even more awesome if they ask to see it in person, I can't imagine there are very many (if any) of these around, particularly all hand made.

I've been searching the city for quilting betweens (needles) in a size 10, made by Piecemakers. Everyone has their own opinion of what needles are best, my favorites are Piecemakers. They aren't bendy, they rarely break, and the eye is big enough to not fray the thread when you poke it in. I went to the Piecemakers website for them but shipping was outrageous, considering it's a flat thing and could just be popped in a regular envelope. Finally ended up getting them on ebay, same price to buy them as the actual website, but only $1 to ship. I'll be very glad when they get here, been using #12's and they're way too small for my liking.

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