Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall and Christmas Quilting

Well, fall is here in full force and it's been pretty busy so far. I'm still making those Christmas things for my nieces and nephews, I'm about half finished them now. I decided to go a different route for the older ones, involving no less work but more appropriate for their ages. Hopefully they'll like it.

My guild had our quilt show the weekend of the 16th. I entered my Canucks quilt and my most recent Quilt of Valour, with some QoV brochures. I hadn't thought at the time that very many brochures were taken, but I have gotten some emails and phone calls since then from people who saw the quilt and did pick one up and want to get involved with Quilts of Valour - so I guess they did the trick!

I had quite a bit of interest in my Canucks quilt too, which of course tickled me to no end. I haven't hung that one back up in the house here yet ... have to get a good rod to hang it on. I didn't really have it hung properly before, since I knew I'd be taking it down to get more signatures and for the show, but now it's probably as signed as it's going to get so it's time to hang it up better.

I'm still hypothetically working on another quilt, of which I will say no more for now.

Also working on one for Jay for Christmas. The kid likes orange and if he could have his way, his whole room would be painted orange, so I'm making him an orange quilt. Well, mostly orange. It's got blue too, those two colours go very well together and his room is actually painted blue. I figure I'm over half done quilting it now. I probably won't post a picture until after Christmas, just in case he takes a look here. Unlikely, but possible, so I'll be careful anyhow.

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