Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the runners are complete!

Just finished the last of the table runners to go with the Compass quilts I've posted below.  My customers left it up to me as to the design of them and said they could be the same or different, whatever I chose.  I chose to do one pair matching, the other pair not.  

The matching pair is in different colours, but the same design.  The non-matching pair is in the same colour-theme to match the quilt they go with, and the same style of stars that are on the quilt with the same feathered quilting in the background, but the designs of the runners are each different from the other. 

Just sent a note off to them to show the pictures and get info to mail them off, I hope they're as pleased with them as I am.
Now it's back to work on the poppy quilt for my grandfather's legion hall.  I'm about a third done quilting it and working on it every chance I get.  I'm doing a trunk show at my local guild next Wednesday and planning to take it along, finished or not, to show when I talk about Quilts of Valour.  Of course, no pictures here until it's done ... I'm not a big fan of showing my PHD's (projects half done ... got the term from a lady in #quiltchat and thought it was pretty clever).

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