Sunday, October 31, 2010

Been a busy little beaver ...

I've been a busy little beaver this fall and got a few things done recently.  I had sold the table runner shown here called "Gung Hay Fat Choy" (Happy New Year in Chinese) so I made this one to replace it, hoping to sell this one as well.

Then I put together this wallhanging with multi-colored circles with black outlining around them and the black line in the back, like they're strung up on it.  I quilted circles in the background with variegated thread.  Once I got it finished I thought it kinda looks like an abacus, but not quite.  So I named it "Not Quite an Abacus".  I'll make a real abacus quilt one of these days.

I then sold this quilt, called "30 Degrees of Separation".  It's named this because:
- the colors are sorted into warm on the left, cool on the right, representing temperature.
- they are circles, like degrees
- they are separated by an X quilted between each block
- there are 30 of them
So this is the replacement for the one I sold, similar to the table runner above, we'll see if this one sells too.  This is the fifth one I've made of this pattern ... every time I make one it sells, so that's a good sign of a winner!

Finally is a wall-hanging I made to go in my bedroom.  My bed quilt is a broken star in blues and greens with teal between them, so this should match nicely.  It's paper-pieced 6" pineapple blocks.  I hate paper-piecing, but I love the results it gives and this turned out great.  I hand quilted feathers randomly all over it in dark blue thread.  It's called "Chillin' with the Pineapples".

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  1. What great quilts!! It's no wonder we don't hear from you often. Blessings, Peg