Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two new quilts finished!

I love working with contrasting warm or cool colors, sometimes in the same quilt, sometimes in two that go together.  Like with "30 Degrees of Separation" I have the warm colors on one side and the cool on the other.  

I've had it in my head that I wanted to do a similar theme, only in two co-ordinating quilts this time.  So I chose an isosceles trapezoid shape (like a triangle with the top cut off, kinda thimble shaped) for both of them.  

I used a variety of neutrals ranging from white on white to some dark tans and beige and everything in between.  

One quilt has warm colors randomly mixed in: yellow, pink, orange, and red.  The other has cool colors: blue, green, and purple.  The quilts are both 18 x 22" with a one inch border all around each.  They are both quilted with the same kind of background design, kind of a wavy pattern throughout, red quilting thread in the warm one, blue in the cool.  They are aptly named: "Warm me up" and "Cool me down".