Thursday, January 6, 2011

More quilts in contrast, like 30 degrees

If you've looked around here a while you'd have seen that my little wallhanging "30 Degrees of Separation" has so far been the most popular one when it comes to selling any of my quilts.  This is so self-satisfying just knowing that people like my design ... 5 times so far!  I've got one made and waiting in the wings to sell for the next person that comes along, if they do.
In the meantime I've been working on a few other little quilts in the same dark/light contrasting theme.  Kinda.

This one to the right here is called "Bubbles"  I just used a variety of blue, green, and purpley-pink batiks in varying shades of light.  There are actually only 15 circles or parts of circles appliqued to the quilt, the rest of the circles are quilted in.  I used 2 different kinds of multicolored variegated thread to quilt it ... one is quite light, the other is purple.  
Strange maybe, plain maybe, but I kinda like it.

Then we have "Hearts a-Plenty".  I like the dark on light effect and vice versa, so in this one I put dark hearts on light backgrounds in the top 3 rows, did the reverse in the lower 3 rows.  The big heart is multicolored so it favors neither side and sits a tad off-center.  I used dark variegated thread (LOVE that stuff!) for all the quilting.  I quilted in the ditch around each heart, then freehand quilted feathers into the background.  And of course they're all hand appliqued.  I'm quite pleased with this one.