Monday, September 5, 2011

ok so ... I have very vivid dreams almost every night. Often, unfortunately, they're nightmares of the past (you can find a bit of info on that here), flashback type stuff that wakes me up terrified. But when it's not that sort of dream, I dream about a group of animals, and apparently I talk about them in my sleep. 

It started with Gustave, a snail, and has progressed to quite a few critters now, each with their own personalities. To date we have 8 hedgehogs, an owl, a snail, a chameleon, a turtle and a rabbit.  They call themselves TOMH&R (pronounced tom-har) ... The Order of Mostly Hedgehogs & Raoul.  To find out more about them take a look on their own blog here.

Keep in mind that every post/adventure, including every critter involved, happens in my dreams ... if I didn't dream it I don't write it.  Gord often asks me what about this, or did this happen ... I just tell him if it didn't happen it isn't there, I won't elaborate on them.  Not yet anyhow ....

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