Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting Started

Okay, here we go. My first post on this blog. I'll warn anyone following that I'm essentially a very slack/lazy blogger but I'm determined to do better on this one. Ideally I'd like to post something every few days, at least once a week, just to say what I'm working on quilt-wise and what's coming up.

Last week I had listed some quilts on ebay and actually sold a couple, so I was very pleased about that. One of them was an original design I'd created myself, so right now I'm making another quilt like it to replace in my "stock". I like to keep one of each quilt I've actually designed myself on hand all the time. This particular quilt is one I really like, a small wallhanging and quite simple in design, but a lot of fun.

This quilt is named "30 Degrees of Separation". It has 30 circles on it, which are like degrees. They are separated on sides with warm colors on the left and cool colors on the right. Quilted in the ditch around each circle and each background square (using variegated thread) and a diagonal line quilted between each circle and into the black border. The pattern will be for sale soon on my website.

I just finished hand sewing the top of a "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" type quilt .... yep, all by hand ... have to pick up some batting so I can start quilting that one. I'm planning to draft up pattern #2 this weekend to send off to my pattern tester (thanks jul) early next week. Once I get the hang of this pattern writing dealie it should be a pretty quick process, it's just a matter of writing things out so they make sense to people besides myself. I know what I mean, but do they??

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