Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New shoes!!!

I've been on the lookout for some gumboots for a year or so now, haven't been able to find any that I really like. I look in every shoe store I pass every time I go out ... well, except the fancy-schmancy hoity-toity ones, because there's no way on this earth that I'll pay a fortune for a pair of rubber boots. I'm figuring I'll probably end up getting a pair down at the Army & Navy store next time I'm downtown, they have a huge selection and decent prices, but until then I'm still looking around.

Today Gord had to go to the bank, so out we went, and as he is well accustomed to now when he goes out walking with me, we of course didn't just go to the bank. We checked out the prices at all the local dry cleaners (he has a smelly old wool jacket that needs cleaning), then Starbucks, window shopping, and ended with London Drugs. In the midst of the window shopping though, we went to Payless Shoe Store to see if they had any boots I liked.

On the way in I noticed their "buy 1 pair, get a pair ½ off" sign ... my favorite 4-letter word: SALE. So I looked at all their crappy boots, all too fluffy/teenyboppery/nonpractical/overpriced, then I noticed the clearance stuff on the bottom shelf. No boots, mind you, but I'm also looking for sneakers, as mine are starting to get old and worn out.

And then I saw them ... the niftiest ones I've seen since I got my neon pink sneakers. The grey ones with blue plaid were so cool - tried them on and they fit perfectly, regular $38 for only $13. To get in on the ½ price sale I looked for another pair I liked, since I will need another pair eventually, and found the brown ones ... really comfy and also very cool looking - regular $40 for $15.
So I got the grey ones at half, ended up paying $24 for both of them together, less than one of them would have been at regular price!!

My cool neon pink ones are no-name from Urban Planet, and they were $14 ... these were a better deal than that and they're Airwalks and Champion brands, so even better.
I do love a great deal!

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