Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hoffman Challenge 2011

This year the Hoffman Challenge focus fabric was really pretty, and equally as challenging to use as every other year. I had a hard time deciding how to use it, I think I started and changed 4 different designs before finally settling on this one.
I had designed a "Wings" quilt this past winter and decided to use that design for the center of my challenge piece.  This centerpiece is all made of the focus fabric on a pale yellow background.

Then I fussy-cut feather shapes from various sections of the focus fabric to get feathers in purple, pink, dark and light green to use in the border.  Feathers and a 1" grid are hand quilted into the background with light colored variegated thread.
I just heard yesterday that although I didn't win anything, my quilt has once again gotten into the traveling trunk show for the 7th time in a row.
The quilt is named "Serendipity".

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