Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hoffman Challenge 2012

I mailed my Hoffman Challenge entry about a week or so ago ... I should get notification that it's been received any day now.  They usually do the judging and notify winners by early to mid August.  I've gotten in the traveling trunk show every year so far, fingers crossed that this one gets in too!

The focus fabric this year is a huge pink and purple floral print.  I had designed a peacock quilt earlier in the year, intending for it to be the prototype for my hoffman entry ... then I saw the flowered print and wasn't so sure if that was a good idea or not.  Peacocks are usually done in blues, teals, etc, but I finally decided it doesn't matter what they usually are, this is what mine will be.

The quilt is 24 x 27½" in size.  I used both the pink and purple flowers throughout, coordinating with other prints to match.  I LOVE purple and teal together, so the background color was a no-brainer.  The Chinese character in the corner means "pretty".  I quilted it with variegated purple thread (sulky #4111 deep jewels) with a feather design filling in the background.  Click on each picture to get a more detailed view.
The quilt is titled "Pretty Pink & Purple Paisley Plumed Peacocks".  Wish me luck!

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