Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coming together

I finally took a trip across the border to Joanns fabric in Bellingham, WA ... my first in almost a year!  It's been a busy year and I hadn't had a decent sales flyer in a long time, was very excited to go.  One of the top things on my list of needed fabric was some white on whites.  All I had left to do on my Mariner's Compass were the 4 corner triangle units.  I had 1 done, and 2 compasses done but no background triangle to applique them to.  Finally this week I was able to make the last compass and get all of the remaining corners done.  I put borders on them today and will hopefully get them attached to the center tomorrow.   Then I'll see how big it is and if it looks like it needs a final white outer border.  I'm planning to put it in my guild's quilt show next fall.  Haven't decided yet how I'll quilt it, probably feathers and some sort of grid ... we'll see.

My niece got married this fall, so I have to get busy on Christmas stockings for her and her new hubby ... plus my other niece had asked me earlier in the year if I'd make one for her boyfriend.  Emma wants one for her boyfriend too.  I guess I should get busy on those soon.  

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