Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christmas is a-comin'

Been getting started lately on making Christmas gifts. I decided this year on a gift to make for all my nieces and nephews ... they're all getting the same thing, in different colors. I can't be any more specific than that because they might get nosy and decide to read this, so that will just have to wait. Got the first one done, just to make sure I could actually make this thing, been a long time since I've done anything like this (curious yet?) and it turns out that it's actually very simple. So now I just have to get the materials to make the others in various other colors and I'm all set.

Also working on a quilt for Jay. He's 13 now, and crazy about 2 things: cars and the color orange. I had made Emma a quilt last year and hid a bunch of things in it for her to find, you can see her quilt here called "Stars for Emma". Jay loved the idea of having to search for stuff and requested the same for his own quilt, so I'm working on that. So far it's blue and orange, with various blue and orange things for him to find. I'll post pictures of it after Christmas, just in case he gets nosy too.

I'm about halfway done quilting my Quilt of Valour. It's the fourth one I've made, I'm planning to put it in my local guild's quilt show in October, so I need to get it finished and ready to go. Other than that I'm just waiting for hockey season to start!

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