Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hockey and fabulous prizes!!!

Yesterday I went out to Thunderbird Sports Centre again to see the Canucks training camp. I didn't really have that much interest in seeing the rookies practicing, but I did go with a purpose in mind. That purpose was to track down Alain Vigneault (head coach) and Mike Gillis (manager) and get them to sign my quilt. I figured that since they don't go to the pre-season practices for the Canucks this was probably my best bet to get them, as I was pretty sure they'd be at training camp.
I got there good and early, got myself a good seat where I had a good view of the ice and the players as they came from the dressing room to the ice, and settled in to watch for the guys. The players came out, along with an assistant coach that I recognized and a bunch of other coaches I didn't know. Vinny wasn't on the ice! I kept watching and looking all over the place, as I was SO sure he'd be there, then the guys sitting behind me started talking (in French). One said that Mike Gillis was standing behind the top row of seats at the rail directly across the rink from us, and that Vinny was sitting in a seat alone a few rows below him. I looked over and lo and behold there they were!
So I picked up my stuff and off I went. It would have been so much quicker and easier to just go around the end of the rink to get to them, but that was blocked off for the Zamboni so I had to take the long way around the entire place to get there. Vinny was sitting there by himself so I walked up to him and said "Hi there!". He smiled and said hi. I asked him if I could bother him for just a minute and he said "sure!". I showed him my quilt, pointed out all the logos I'd made and the players' signatures I've gotten and asked him if he'd mind signing it for me too, which he gladly did. Then I asked him if Mike was busy or if he thought it would be OK for me to go bother him for a minute too, and he said to go ahead.
I went up to the top row where Mike was talking to some other people, standing back-to me, so I tapped him on the shoulder and went through the same as I did with Vinny. He, too, signed my quilt and away I went. By then the practice was about halfway finished, the arena was packed and I was cold ... plus I'd done what I went there to do, so I left. Mission accomplished!

Then last night I was taking a bath, had some milk and a cookie, quietly reading a book while Gord was lying in bed listening to a sports station on the radio. He hollered in to me to call a number to win a prize - kept repeating the number over and over so he wouldn't forget it, told me I had to be caller #10. I was all comfy, my phone was way over on the counter, I really didn't want to call anyone at that time, but just to shut him up I did. And wahooooey I was caller #10!! The guy took my name and number, told me to go to Game on Sports in Metrotown later in the week to pick up my prize. I asked him what my fabulous prize is but he didn't know, but assured me that it would be fabulous. I'll also be entered into a draw for other fabulous un-named prizes!!! I'll head out to Metrotown on Saturday and get my prize, so stay tuned to see what it is!

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