Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hoffman Challenge 2009

This year I entered the Hoffman Challenge for the fifth time. The focus fabric this time around was a gold,brown,green paisley print ... I liked it a lot more than the peacock print last year. Right away the fabric spoke "dragons" to me so I went with a dragon and yin yang theme. Sulky thread co-sponsored the challenge this year, with extra prizes for entries that incorporated sulky in the quilt.
Sulky isn't ideal for hand work, which is primarily what I do, but I did want a shot in that part of the challenge so I used it anyhow. I got some gold and green thread, used it for the quilting and doubled them up as a gold/green combo and embroidered with that.
The dragon is made with rows of greens alternating with the theme fabric for the scales, done 3-dimensionally. He holds a pearl in his front claw ... I had used a sparkly white/silver fabric for the pearl but it didn't look very pearly, so I got some pearlescent glitter glue and covered the pearl with that. It shimmers in the light now, kinda pink or green depending on how you look at it. I also used the glitter glue on his teeth to make them sparkly, and on his eye which glows green from the underlying colors ... very cool!
Today I got a letter from the Hoffman Challenge people with a fat quarter and a spool of sulky thread. The letter says that once again my quilt has been selected to travel in the year-long trunk show - that's 5 years in a row!!

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