Thursday, September 10, 2009

More hockey - 9 more signatures, only 3 to go!

Went to yet another Canucks pre-season practice this morning, hoping to get a couple of the remaining signatures that I'm missing for my quilt and I ended up getting 9 more!
When I got there just Luongo and Pavel were practicing, so I got a couple of good pics of them ... didn't need their signatures, got them last year. Every time I go it's like I'm collecting hockey cards or something - "got it, got it, need it, got it ..."

After about an hour the rest of the team started to trickle out. I was chatting with one of the security guards and asked him if it would be ok if I went over to catch them as they came out of the dressing room, or should I sit in the seats and wait til they came off from practice ... there was a table set up over by the hall to the dressing room and he said it would be fine if I went over there so I could spread my quilt out and get them to sign as they came out. Yahooey, thankyou mr security guard! This was perfect ... I spread out the quilt with the lower half showing, later flipped it to the upper half, so I could get the signatures evenly distributed. Kinda challenging when the guys come out in herds and I'm not sure what the new guys look like, but I managed to get quite a few of them. Had a guy who works at Thunderbird Sports Centre standing there chatting with me and he was quite helpful.

This picture to the left of Bobby Lu looks like he's saying "oh come on Scrappy, aren't you done yet?" (actually he was listening to his coach tell him something to do)

Later on while the guys were on the ice, I still had a few left to get and wasn't sure if they were there or not. I saw some of the TV reporters coming in and setting up over by the dressing room exit where I'd been before with my table, so at Gord's advice I went over to see them. I knew I recognized one of them, but didn't know his name so I just went over and said "hey reporter dude ... can you help me figure something out" and he very kindly looked thru my list of got-em/need-em's and told me who was who out there and who hadn't shown up today. Very nice of him, thankyou mr reporter dude.

Later on when the practice was finishing up and the guys were leaving the ice a few at a time, some students were sitting near me to get signatures on their stuff too. I only had a few left to get so I was just waiting for my guys to be ready to leave. These kids had quite the nerve ... as players were signing their stuff they were asking for their sticks ... as if they'd give away a perfectly good stick. I think not! I was still not sure about one player that I needed, and had seen a number on a helmet that I suspected was him, so I called over one of the Canucks trainers who was waiting for them to get off the ice and asked him. He confirmed that the player in question was indeed Brad Lukowich. Almost immediately after that Brad skated over with a broken stick and traded it for a good one and the trainer asked if I'd like to have the broken stick. Yessir indeed I would, thankyou mr trainer dude! So then when Brad was finished and came by to sign my quilt, I also got him to sign his stick, which now sits on my fireplace mantle.

Scrappy had a very good day, a very good day indeed!

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  1. Riley and I just read this ... I'll say, you did have a very good day indeed!! Riley was wondering if you happened to be back there again ... if you'd be able to get him a few autographs as well ... :). He's asking me to put the whole team, especially the goalie, but whatever you could get would be great with him. Thank you Aunt Debby ... or should I put Aunt Scrappy? Haha, we just had a little laugh at your expense :). You know how Scooby Doo says "Scooby, Dooby Doo!". You could say "Scrappy, Dappy Blue!" (or Riley's version Scrappy Crappy Blue", haha).