Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Vancouver Canucks

Today I went to my first practice of the year to watch my Canucks. I only need a few more signatures on my Canucks Quilt. They've been practicing for a week or so now but I wanted to be sure at least a couple of the guys I need were there so we went this morning.
They used to practice pre-season out at Burnaby 8 Rinks, but now they've moved to the Thunderbird Sports Centre out at UBC. I like it so much better out there ... you have an ice-level view of the rink, it's so much easier to take pictures of the guys, plus they walk right past you to go to the dressing room, rather than sneaking out the back like before.

I had already gotten the signatures of most of the team last year, it took me 3 different practices to get them all. Willie Mitchell #8 is one of my favorite players so today since I only needed a few signatures I went with another goal in mind - to get some pictures of me with some of my favorite players. Willie was so sweet and friendly ... now I have this picture of him with me, plus he had already signed my quilt (above) and one of my Canucks ball caps.

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