Tuesday, August 25, 2009

another quilt finished

Yesterday was a busy day here. I finished putting the binding on the new Emergence quilt, this one is called "Emergence on the Warm Side". It's made with 5" blocks instead of 6" like the original blue and yellow one, so of course the final result is a smaller quilt. Did this so it would fit to hang in a specific spot in my hall near the kitchen.
I like these particular colors all together like this , it definitely gives the quilt an allover warm feeling. It ended up being about 31 x 35".

I also got my braces off yesterday ... I started with them last spring, the orthodontist had estimated about 18 months to finish so we ended a whole month early. So now, 17 months, many mouth blisters, and 1 jaw surgery later, I have nice smooth straight teeth for the first time in my life and I'm loving it!

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