Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting things done!

I finished all the quilts I was hired to do for Bev, that was a lot of fun! Now I'm back to working on my own stuff.

I finished the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" quilt!
It's about 52 x 64". I hand appliqued all the blocks, machine pieced them together, hand appliqued the vines on the borders, then of course it's all hand quilted. It turned out pretty good, I'm pleased with it.

Now I'm finishing up the new "30 Degrees of Separation" to replace the one I sold, I should be done that by tomorrow ... just got the border and binding to do and it's done.

I started my next Quilt of Valour yesterday. Got all the pieces cut out and about half the blocks assembled, another few days and I should be able to piece the top together and then find some backing for it. I'm planning to put it in my guild's show this October so I want to get it done by the first fall meeting in mid-September.

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