Friday, August 14, 2009

Tip - great product

As many people know, I only do hand quilting. Not only that, but I don't use a hoop or frame, no thimble, I do all my quilting in my lap.
One problem with this though, is that often I get cracks and splits on my fingertips, particularly my thumb. It's very painful, usually quite deep and often bleeds .... I can't do any quilting when this happens because it hurts and can bleed on the fabric.

People have suggested using the stretchy fabric bandages but I'm allergic to them, so that's out.
Then a few years ago I discovered the greatest product. They're bandages made by 3M, called "Active Strips". They're rubbery and stretchy and fantastic! I'm not allergic to them, they're tough and flexible, I can quilt and it doesn't hurt a bit - plus they 're stretchy and don't restrict movement of my fingers.

They come in regular "skin" colors for people who don't want them to be so obvious, kid designs of course, but I like the bright ones. Kinda like with my braces, if I have to wear them I want snazzy colors!

This is an excellent product and gets a big thumbs up from me!

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